Atlas Inflight Resources (AIR)

Atlas Inflight Resources (AIR)

A TRUE INNOVATOR OF PRINTED COMMUNICATION. The Atlas Group have been pioneering print in the UAE for almost 20 years by investing in the best advances in technology and developing people and practices that enable excellence for our customers.

Our growth has come through partnering with the Nation’s best businesses to deliver what they need, when they need it and supplying innovation through understanding of their business. This has led us to become much more than a print service provider, as Atlas Group now stands as a supplier of printed or digital, or digitally printed communication through the web, SMS, email and of course print.

We understand Airline requirements like no other. Our extensive experience in Menu Management (over 15 years of Menu Management) with Premier Airlines such as Emirates Airlines & Etihad and many more, allows us to be more experienced than any conventional printer.

Having been the pioneers of introducing the concept of Airline Menu Management in the region with Emirates Airlines, we are well prepared and deliver scope for growth and offer value added services that will see your business streamline costs and generate new revenue streams.
Atlas Inflight Resources


Atlas Media has over 14 years experience when it comes to menu management
providing tailor made services to global leading Airlines such as

Etihad Airways

Emirates Airlines

Kenya Airways

Air Berlin

Air Seychelles

Atlas maintains the unique distinction of being only company to provide
a true ‘end to end’ menu management solution.

Atlas Inflight Resources


A bespoke menu management system designed from the ground up to meet the needs of fluctuating passenger & flight loads. The system provides tailor made solutions for Airlines globally to meet inflight menu productions encompassing:

  • Cost savings
  • Time management
  • Quality control throughout the production cycle


  • Dedicated team of culinary copywriters
  • Translation Service offering culinary translations in over 72 languages
  • Dedicated Quality control team to ensure strictest compliance to guidelines
  • Menu planning facilities incorporating food variances & on demand changes to flight schedules
  • Packing & distribution department including loading by flight


Atlas Media understands the above customised products and can confirm it has the full capability and additional scalability to supply, manage and deliver all the items listed below as per airlines requirements.



Atlas Cross Media software, (A.C.M), is a web-based automated content management solution that provides Airlines with an on-demand or ‘Just in time’ menu production solution. The solution has been designed from the ground up with the needs of Airlines menu production in mind.


  • Comprehensive set of tools to create, submit and manage jobs online
  • Simple to use and intuitive user interface
  • Increase efficiencies when placing orders for inflight menus with AIR
  • Automate the process of tracking delivery orders
  • Generation of GRN codes, increased efficiencies when dealing with a higher number of deliveries
  • Scope for Airlines to move towards a “print on demand” platform for its menu printing
  • Open channel of communication between food product managers, caterers and the menu print team
  • Full audit trails to ensure changes are implemented correctly and on time
  • Planning for quantities and print for different sectors from schedules and timings
  • Ensuring that changes to the menus for different cycles in accordance with agreed dates are implemented on time
  • Wastage of remaining menus is limited or recycled
  • Daily communication with airport stores to top up quantities as per usage
  • Ensure that quantities supplied are drawn down to a minimum prior to cycle change
  • Personalised menus for VIP and special charter flights
Atlas Inflight Resources
Atlas Inflight Resources


The content of each menu to be discussed between the Food Product manager and in country catering
Once the menu is agreed, the Food Product manager forwards the information through to Atlas menu management team to commence with production.
The specifications received from the customer are then checked by the script writing team. Considering all the standard factors required for onboard menu, the script is created and the studio creates a PDF.
The English PDF file is then sent for approval to the Qatar Team through Qatar’s or Atlas’s dedicated web portal.

It is at this stage that amendments may be made and re-submitted for checking.
Once submitted it is at this stage the system will send an SMS or email to all concerned for approvals.
Once approved the content is then sent for third party translations.
Third and supplementary languages are then sent for translation and returned within 48 - 72 hours from submission date.
Once all files are approved the PDF‘s are sent to the print room as per the instructions indicated on the job bag.

Authorised Airlines personnel will have access enabling them to review the progress of each menu as and when required.
2 tierings and levels of access to be agreed and implemented across the group: Read Only/Read & Comment (Audit trail as mandatory).
These restrictions can be updated/changed as per the requirements of the Airlines management team.
Timings, approval requests and the user's details will all be logged on the management information system.

Atlas Inflight Resources


  • Authorised Airlines personnel enter the relevant information into the template.
  • Automated workflow enables the template to be placed into a pre approved menu design for the recipient to review.
  • All content is checked by the AIR team in addition to the online approvals.
  • Files are transferred to partners for third Language translations.
  • Once approved the software informs the print room to proceed with production and documents all the information in an automated job description format.
  • Once printed the goods are checked via AIR’s quality control staff, packed accordingly and dispatched to the airport.
Atlas Inflight Resources


Our product range includes varied innovative formats and engaging content that is customised
to suit the needs of the market. Each product is thought through, and a stringent quality check is carried out at
every stage of its creation to ensure that only the very best goes out into the market.


A number of identified variations of the menu format or menu types will be available as catalogue items that are visible to users based on their login access level.
For example, First Class, Business Class, Wine List, VVIP, Lounge and Special menus. The catalogue items are separate by type of design.
Variations of the catalogue items can be catered for via customisation steps in the ACM system.
For example, Route types, languages etc. These selections are validated in the system and provided via drop down menu’s or selection boxes etc.


The actual customisation of the menu content in terms of language options, copy inclusions etc. will be facilitated by uploading a document inclusive of the copy and the relevant translations.
It should be noted that the system is able to intelligently substitute the copy from a data source based on language selection but cannot translate the copy automatically. Such translation must be done in text within the data source.


Once the customisation process is completed. The user is prompted to approve a soft proof PDF.
Once approved, the shopping basket is populated with the order and a set of transaction workflow approvals are triggered.
It is important to note that all parties in the approval process can view the soft proof at anytime in the workflow.
A user can also return the original transaction and re-order the same artwork under a new transaction where no customisation is required.


The approval process has three components or levels.
The first level is the user who creates the order in the shopping basket. The second is a group of approvers who are notified of the pending transaction and sent the details of the order via email link.
Once approved, a final approval is required in the back office where a user with the appropriate permissions needs to release the job for production.


The production process is facilitated through a set of workflow steps from file processing to shipping. The appropriate person is the workflow step is notified of the action they need to take within that production step. Production users who are logged onto their account will see a list of jobs that require their immediate attention.


A detailed set of reports are provided as standard within the ACM offering. Additional custom reports can be provided upon request.


ACM system is fully auditable offering greater control to both parties and tracks all entries and user actions whilst logged into the system.


Part B refers to the facilitation of the document process related to “delivery” of the printed menu’s from Atlas to Airlines stores.

Following on from Airlines’s decision to move to a “print on demand” process of the menus there will naturally be an increase of delivery notes and thus a higher level of GRN codes to be generated.

At a high level, Atlas will design a new capture system on all the delivery notes/invoices for Airlines which will make use of a specialised laser printing process that provides a recognition grid on standard documentation.

The system works with a pen that recognised the form which it is being used with. It stores the image of the signature and overlays it onto an electronic copy of the document. This is then automatically sent back to the ACM system where it can be put into a workflow and delivered to an archive folder.

ACM will produce a custom report allowing a user with the appropriate permissions to view the report and see a link to the relevant signed delivery note/invoice online for that specific delivery and align GRN codes accordingly.
As a commitment to the ongoing partnership between AIR and Airlines we have invested in the ACM system and will be willing to develop the above-bespoke solution for the menu card production in order to assist with the following business processes:
  • Increased turnaround times for production of menu cards
  • Offering 24/7 ordering capabilities from anywhere
  • Customisable content for “real time” amendments to artwork or data
  • Reduced human intervention with automated workflows
  • Ease of use for all users with email notifications once Individuals are required to action
  • Multiple levels for approval sign-offs and multiple tier access rights available
  • Accounts online folder to manage archived delivery notes/invoices to speed up and track GRN codes
We hope that by adapting a more streamlined approach to the menu card production process it will deliver efficiencies for both Atlas and Airlines , freeing time on both sides to explore new ideas and opportunities. The user-friendly system will offer to help the Inflight teams to manage the increasing number of menus required to cater for the growing routes and fleet.


Draft process map for “Just In Time” Menu Production and GRN Code Generation Solution



Interactive passenger entertainment and communications systems are also offered, delivering a quality passenger experience to the Aviation industry.
From stand-alone on-board entertainment services, using handheld tablets, to a fully integrated inflight entertainment and communication system.
This can be offered as part of the first/ business class experience or as a rental option to economy passengers.
A full on-board/lounge entertainment solution: movies, TV, games, music, books, newspapers and magazines.
Other revenue generation opportunities such as, on-board rental, pay per view, external advertising, on-board retailing.


This sustainable solution enables the aviation sector to reduce costs, wastage and the manpower needed to deliver and dispose of locally printed broadsheet newspapers and magazines.
Available to your passengers through their laptops, Mac’s, iPads and smartphones which give access to digital versions of over 1,900 newspapers titles from around the world.
Press Display can also be translated in up to 12 different languages.


Personalised headrest covers which are screen printed in accordance and adhering to your brand guidelines.


The Atlas Group provides personalised menus, magazine and newspapers for private charters, VIP flights and international events through effective one to one marketing.


Specialise in solutions for distribution of local and international print media and product sampling to captive audiences within the Middle East & Asia Travel Industry.
All First & Business Class Lounges, Arrival media gate stands (Baggage Hall, Meet & Greet Areas), Departure gate stands and F&B Outlets.