Case Studies

Statement Printing - Blue Chip Client

Atlas Print produces roughly 500,000 digital A4 customer statements per month for one of the blue chip Middle East

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Statement Printing - Security Print

Atlas Print prints and distributes roughly 50,000 statements for one of the UAE’s leading credit card companies. They require annual

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Examination Papers Case Study

Atlas Print has been producing and printing variable Q & A test sheets with delivery and tracking capabilities to respective zones. The service integrates various security features with a unique product authentication solution, combining raw data taggants with variable data printing to produce customised codes, serial numbers, barcodes or integrated graphics.

The fully automated process requires minimal manual intervention. The data is received from the client, either directly from their database or question bank, or via secure access, and then encrypted for transfer to Atlas Print’s secure premises. Alternatively, the client can also provide the print-ready data to Atlas. The VDP software is utilised to compose unique and dynamic question papers or answer sheets, etc.

Atlas Print also has the capability to shuffle the questions on each individual exam paper for added security. Once the files are print ready, they are submitted to a secure folder on the engine RIPs that are on a closed loop network inside the company premises. Printing, folding, and shrink-wrap packing is also automated through the company’s twin engine and finishing lines, again with minimal manual intervention. The entire production process is managed within a secure factory environment.