Atlas Newspaper Division

Atlas Newspaper Division (AND)

Atlas Newspaper Division

Otherwise called “Newspaper on Demand” Division, this department specialises in printing and delivery of over 75 international newspaper titles, whether in original or digital format, to major airlines and hotels in the UAE. Newspaper on Demand is Atlas Group’s innovative solution to importing newspapers from the far corners of the world.

Atlas Newspaper Division’s revolutionary approach to newspaper printing has made it possible for publishers and printers to manufacture and deliver 100% certifiable newspaper copies in any desired location. The content is received from major newspapers and content providers from around the world, and printed and made available usually on the same day.

International Newspapers in the UAE

The UAE currently follows the traditional model of importing international newspapers from across the world for the benefit of the international traveller seeking news from a familiar source, or the connoisseur who appreciates varied editorial. The newspapers are not available to the reader in the UAE on the same day they are published.

Atlas Newspaper Division

Front Page - Newspaper on Demand - is Atlas’ alternative to importing newspapers from far corners of the world. Atlas’ investment in a Digital Web Press, called the ‘Screen Truepress Jet 520 with Hunkeler finishing line’ is only the second of its kind in the world, enabling Atlas to print short-runs of various newspapers. The content is received from major newspapers and content providers from around the world, printed and made available, usually the same day.

International newspapers with the Front Page logo are printed by Atlas and are distributed on the day of publishing to passengers onboard airlines such as Emirates and Etihad Airways, to valued guests of international hotel chains such as Intercontinental, Movenpick, and to customers of many shops across the UAE.
Atlas Newspaper Division
Atlas Newspaper Division


  • Procuring same-day edition of newspapers from around the world
  • Look and feel maintained according to the original newspaper
  • Low costs per copy of publication & discounted rates*
  • Full spreads and full colour copies
  • Famous brands that are sure to please your guests or clients
  • A certifiable circulation minimising wastage
  • Low-risk and increased circulation benefit
  • Longer sales period at the retailers
  • Improved value added services & enhanced guest satisfaction
  • Active and conscious green initiative
  • Minimisation of end-distribution costs
  • Availability of the publication in newer locations
  • Capability to win new business & build client loyalty & retention
  • Environment friendly
  • Flexibility in orders **
  • Dedicated service manager
** Change your orders by 8 p.m. the day before
* Lowest rate available with up to 50% off the cover price
Atlas Newspaper Division


Published Monday to Sunday
An Italian daily, first in sales and published in Milan, it is among the oldest and most reputable newspapers in the country. Its mission is to present quality, responsible, impartial, complete, accurate, fair, and universally comprehensible information every day, and its circulation is 620,000.
Published once a week on Thursday
A weekly entertainment newspaper in Russian, it had a print run of 33.5 million in 1990 and it appears in the Guinness Book of World Records. Its current circulation is about 3 million copies, with about 8 million readers.

Published Monday to Saturday
Established in 1964, it is among the top three biggest-selling newspapers in the country with a circulation of 400,000 and readership of 1.1 million. The Australian covers news throughout Australia that appeals to all Australians and serves the whole nation.
Published Monday to Sunday
A publishing success story of the UK and one of the national newspaper markets ‘super brands’, the Daily Mail is about much more than the news. Opinions, informed analysis of current events, top-notch sports reporting and daily lifestyle content are just some of the remarkable features of this favourite of UK readers with a circulation of 2 million and with 4.9 million readers.
Published Monday to Saturday
Founded in 1949 and published in Frankfurt am Main, it is the German newspaper with the widest circulation abroad. One of the most prestigious and influential of high-profile national newspapers in Germany, it has the largest number of foreign correspondents of any European newspaper. Its political orientation is classical liberal with occasional support for conservative views.
Published Monday to Saturday
Le Monde (‘The World’) is a French daily newspaper published in Paris and distributed both throughout France and worldwide. First published in 1944, Le Monde is considered the French newspaper of record covering local news, sports, business, jobs and community events. It generally maintains a moderate to centre-left editorial view. This esteemed journal has a circulation of 320,000 making it one of the four major French newspapers.
Published Monday to Friday
USA TODAY is usually the first choice for the traveller seeking a timely and trusted source of news and information. With news bureaus around the world, it is dedicated to obtaining a global perspective. It is the only international publication written for Americans overseas, reaching 250,000 of them daily. Known for synthesising news down to easy-to-read and comprehensive stories, its international edition features News, Money, Sports and Life combined into four sections.
Published Monday to Friday with Friday being the Weekend Journal
Distributed in more than 60 countries, The Wall Street Journal Europe has a higher concentration of board directors and CEOs among its readers than any other international daily or weekly in its field. It offers a more targeted delivery to financial professionals than any other pan-European title, with articles ranging from economics and politics to business and finance, and a Weekend Journal with features on wine, travel, property and fashion.