Case Studies

Examination Papers Case Study

Atlas Print has been producing and printing variable test Q&A/Answer sheets with delivery and tracking capabilities to respective zones.

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Statement Printing - Security Print

Atlas Print prints and distributes roughly 50,000 statements for one of the UAE’s leading credit card companies. They require annual

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Statement Printing - Blue Chip Client

Atlas Print produces roughly 500,000 digital A4 customer statements per month for one of the blue chip Middle East companies. Our challenge is to insert these statements, plus additional materials, into around 150,000 envelopes within a five-day timescale. We begin by ensuring customer data is cleansed, manipulated and enhanced to maximise the client’s postal cost using a range of processes – multi-file merge/purge, de-duplication, salutation creation and verification, case conversation and data suppression. Statements are enclosed using state-of-the-art bar code technology. Any additional literature can be inserted generically or selectively by barcode. The integrity of the documents is maintained by barcode recognition throughout the enveloping process and transactions are fully audited to ensure accuracy. In addition, we provide a complete stock control, management and storage service for the client, with daily collection. Scrupulous attention to detail combined with our strategic drive is what Atlas Print strives for.