Case Studies

Examination Papers Case Study

Atlas Print has been producing and printing variable test Q&A/Answer sheets with delivery and tracking capabilities to respective zones.

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Statement Printing - Blue Chip Client

Atlas Print produces roughly 500,000 digital A4 customer statements per month for one of the blue chip Middle East

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Statement Printing - Security Print

Statement printing is a service that major corporate firms usually outsource to make efficient use of their funds. This service includes printing statements that include the details and product usage of the customers. The most commonly seen statements are Bank statements and Phone bill statements.

Bank Statement: This is the statement issued by the bank to their customers. This usually include the account and personal details of the customer as well as their funds as debited and credited over the period of the statement. Phone Bill Statement: This is the statement issued by phone companies to their client specifying the usage of the services and hence the resulting bill to be paid at the end of the period of the statement.
It is safe to say that a normal printing company would print statements in their own way. However, is this the most efficient way? That is for you to decide. For instance, usually, a blank statement template is printed first in an offset. Only then is the variable data overprinted on the said pre-printed stationery. This process results in receiving ordinary bills/statements day after day. But thanks to the Atlas Group of companies, the scope of an ordinary bill/statement goes beyond basic financial communication.
Owing to either the lack of vision or the lack of technology, there are numerous companies in the industry that are losing out on the opportunity of conducting good and reliable targeted marketing campaigns. You have the client’s attention when they read the bill/statements. This attention span can be used to direct them towards products and services that interest them. By not making use of this window of attention you are losing out on an excellent chance of commercial communication.
Being one of the leading multifaceted businesses within the UAE, Atlas is known for its diverse range of offerings in print and digital media solutions. Apart from that, Atlas also have industry specialists who ensure that our clients receive a complete end-to-end solution related to their needs. Via banks and telecommunication, Atlas uses its advanced knowledge of the latest possibilities in both technologies and equipment. We support our clients by utilising traditional and hybrid methods from offset, digital and the web.

Atlas has the LARGEST digital setup in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, making us the undisputed leader when it comes to printing secure and variable data quickly.

1. The usual:

Let’s take a hypothetical customer. The objective is to print and send this customer their credit card statement. Now, based on their credit card information, we know their spending pattern, their income group as well as their interests. An ordinary printing press in the market would print the required bill and send it out to the customer. However, when you are privy to such an extent of information doing the basic minimum is a waste of resources.
Normal Process
2. The Atlas treatment:
So this is what Atlas can do. Based on various income groups, we can create multiple templates. These different templates will advertise different commodities that a person of the given income group is likely to buy. These templates can be further varied based on the customer demographics. We can create as many templates as required to ensure that only the most relevant and impactful commercial communication (along with their accurate basic financial information) goes out to the customer.
Normal Process
3. The technology:
Using our massive in-house printing resources along with our powerful variable data softwares, Atlas can automatically select the desired template depending on the customers’ profile. Such a template will always contain a customised targeted marketing campaign, which means that a person who loves music could acquire discounts given to them for the latest concerts, which he can purchase using his card.
4. The future:
Through the technology available at Atlas, we can print all the statements, which in theory could be millions, but each of them could contain unique and targeted marketing as far as the communication is concerned.